This is the first part of the division.  The body.  It includes any mods directly related to the body of the truck minus the interior.

The original cab as of March 4 2000 has been replaced by a newer cab with A/C. The bottom of the cab has been painted with POR-15 and most of the body work has been done to it. The majority of the interior has been sanded for painting.






   The truck is a 1973 Chevrolet Custom C-10.  It is a base model truck, therefore there is no body molding and it never came with driprails.  They were a later addition, factory in 1976.  The cab and bed are the only pieces left of the original truck as I bought it.  The front end has been wrecked on one side and the other side had some metal rot.  The fleetside bed currently on the truck came from a donor 1976 truck.  It was just recently scrapped.  The front end problems will be solved with the installation of a U. S. Body Source pre-split fiberglass tilt front end. (click here for pic)  The grille I will be using is a 1992 GMC Suburban 4 headlight assembly.  I like the look of the GMC grille better than the Chevy, so I got it.  The doors with the shaved handles will be replaced with 86 doors with the locking vent window and it will have the handles back on it.  I plan on using the large swivel mirror painted body color at this time, but N2TRUX's is trying to talk me out of it.  The front and rear glass will be replaced and new rubber will be purchased when I get the body ready to paint.  I first need to remove the bed so I can get the cab corners welded up at the body shop.  I hope to have before and after pics.  I also plan on removing the cab seam on the roof, unless the bodyman denies me of this. <grin>  The bed that will go on the truck will be the original stepside bed, but it will have a steel floor for weight purposes.  I have already gotten the front panel built for it out of stronger metal and will have the tailgate made as soon as I can get my friend to bend it for me.  In the end, the bed will be Rhino Lined for weight and protection.  I am still searching for a fiberglass bed cover, but I like the Gaylords as of now.  Front bumper will be a 81-82 unit with driving light mounted in the turn signal holes.  The rear bumper, which I have already aquired will be a 82 Malibu Station wagon with the tailights in them.  Both will be painted body color.

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