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    Ok, you thinking "Who is this guy!".  My name is Chris Lucas.  I currently am employed at the ELPASO Energy at Birmingham.  I am a Sr. IT Analyst.  I was born in 1970 and been working on these trucks since 1983.   My hobbies are in no particular order:  Trucks (73-87 Chevy's) Hot rods, racing (the one where you have to turn left and right) hunting, fishing, hiking... Heck this is too long.  Who cares?  If you want to know more email me. <grin>.  I live in Alabama, and have lived here all my life.  I really like it here.

The Deprive State
Su's current state......DEPRIVED!!!

    The reason for this site is to document the progress on my project truck Suicidal Tendencies.  It is a 1973 Chevy C-10 Truck.  Why did I chose a truck.  Because I like being different.  Back when I was 17 all my friends had Camaros and Malibu's.  I didn't want to have the same thing.  I always liked the lines of the 73-87 trucks, so I decided to get one.  This actual truck is the second one of the project.  The original, which was flawless, (honestly) was wrecked when it centered a telephone pole.  Needless to say the "replacement" was alot worse than the original.  I came with a 6cylinder and 3 speed on the tree.  EEEK!
    On the left is a link to the 4 "parts" of the truck: 1)Body- which has everything that is body related. 2)Suspension- which is everything that is related to handling and braking, 3)Drivetrain- which is everything used for motivation, 4)Interior- which is where we spend all of our time, behind the wheel.

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