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Blazer tank How-to:
  This mod was done to achieve a 1.5" static drop by cutting down the middle section of the crossmember. The max amount recommended it no more than 1.5", otherwise you will experience some alignment and linkage problems more so than you will this time. You WILL have steering problems with the steering shaft that will have to be addressed somehow. ; ; 


   These are the steps I followed to complete this installation.  After removing the crossmember, I taped it off (for better explanation to the cutter/welder and myself). Align2 pic, Align3 pic, Align4 pic, Align5 pic I did this in 2 phases. One for the horizontal alignment and once for the verticle alignment. Once each phase of taping was done, using a punch, I punched each line dictated by the tape.

Once this is done, using a sharpe I traced each "dot" made by the punch. (For visualation and to make sure we could get it back together easily) marked2 pic When we were finished checking everything out, we welded a piece of angle iron between the 2 A-arm supports and across the top of the piece that was to be removed. There was to be alot of cutting/heat there and I didn't want it to bend, better safe than sorry....

Once the braces were installed we tacked the crossmember to the table and outlined the end cuts up with soap stone. Then we began welding it in place. Two flat pieces of steel are required for each side that crated the gap. You can see them filled well in the second picture.


In the end you end up with something like this:


This isn't for the faint at heart, and I recommend doing this to a SPARE crossmember. If you screw up, you will have to get another one. I am going to install this one on another truck that is already running. Keep in mind that if you do this and swap one, you WILL have to remove the motor to do it.
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