This is the third part of the division.  The drivetrain.  It includes any mods directly related to the area of motivation.

  The Motor is a 76 model Hi-Perf 2 bolt block.  It is bored .030" with flattop pistons.  The crank is cast and rods are stock.  The heads are oval port 98cc heads which have been ported, shaved and reworked.  Hardened seats were installed and a 3 angle valve job done on Manley 2.19"/1.88" SS valves, Crane full roller rockers, springs, retainers and locks.  The motors compression is 10.8:1.  Edelbork Performer 2R intake with a Holley 800cfm carb.  Plans are to install a Hilborn Stack System converted to fuel injection to replace the carb.

The transmission is a Muncie M22 "Rockcrusher" 4 speed.  I have had it for 8 years.  I plan on replacing it with a Richmond 4+1 so I can have a highway gear.  The M22 has been SOLD!  The clutch is a 11.5" Zoom kit which has survived remarkably well.  It has lasted for over 3 years of abuse.

The exhaust system currently consists of Hedman Header, 2.5" dual exhaust with Dynomax Super Turbo mufflers turned out after the cab.  This will be replaced with Thorley headers and the exhaust will be ran out to the axle a turn out in front of the tires.

    The rearend is an original 12 bolt with an open differential and 3.42:1 gears.  It will be replace with a Detroit Locker and 3.08:1 gears.  Also changing will be the drum brakes to Cadillac discs.

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